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Let us be Tech stands for Let us be Technical. LetsGyan provides you the information related to technical world. The information includes the technical knowledge, technical people around the world. Or any content that can help you to improve your technical knowledge will be conver in this category.

Every student wants to excel in their life and career. But, do they know what is right for them for a living? To excel in any endeavor, one needs to love what he/she does? This comes from knowing yourself and asking the right questions and finding the right answer. An expert/mentor can guide you to achieve this.

Commonly asked question: Successive directions of steepest descent are normal to one another

Data science, Machine Learning, or any Mathematical Optimization related technical interviews encounter the most common question on one of the properties of the method of Steepest Descent. It is also called Gradient Descent method. The successive directions of the steepest… Continue Reading →

Column Generation for Cutting Stock Problem

Cutting Stock Problem: A tutorial with example to understand Column generation Column generation is an efficient technique to solve large-sized mathematical programs. It is also called delayed-column generation due to its nature to solve the problem. It is firstly studied… Continue Reading →

Solution to Advanced Engineering Maths: Erwin Kreyszig: Unconstrained Optimization

Basic Concepts : Unconstrained Optimization Advanced Engineering Maths Erwin Kreyszig Read our famous blogs!

Components of Hadoop

Introduction Before the boom of Hadoop, the storage and processing of big data was a big challenge. But now that Hadoop is available, companies have realized the business impact of Big Data and how understanding this data will drive the… Continue Reading →

WHY Spark is better than Map Reduce?

In this blog, I will provide you the list of benefits of using Spark over Map. In my previous blog I bring in my view of understanding about Hadoop. Don’t miss it if you have not read it yet: Click… Continue Reading →


Join the Gadgets and get to the Antimatter rocket! Let us Play Click on the Image Below

LetsGyan: Academic Services

If you are ready to study, LetsGyan will promise for your Success Every student wants to excel in their life and career, most importantly in the field of academics. But, do they know what is right for them for a… Continue Reading →

Introduction of Hadoop!

What exactly is Hadoop ? The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from single servers… Continue Reading →

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