Easy Way to Manage and Release STRESS for Student


Stress is our body and mind’s natural response to perceived demands or threats. It can influence our behaviour and emotions as we try to manage pressure. Stress may arise from any situation or thought that causes frustration, anger, or nervousness. Stress can arise from a many factors, including finding a healthy work-life balance, managing work […]

Most Successful Time Management Tips for students

time managment

Time management is the art of skillfully planning ones activities to ensure optimal utilization of one’s time. It involves the process of setting clear, attainable objectives, preparing well-structured schedules, and conscientiously determining how time is distributed among various tasks and obligations. By mastering time management, individuals can enhance efficiency, minimize stress, and achieve higher levels […]

SMART Goals to Become a Quality Student in 2024

Recognising the significance of goals in student success is essential before going into complexity of SMART goals. When we establish specific goals, we create a roadmap outlining. What we aim to achieve, how we plan to accomplish it, and the main question ‘WHY’. This roadmap assists us in maintaining focus and staying on track, particularly […]