Currently, it is very hard for us to keep pace with quality education in this tough time of lockdown due to COVID-19. Especially for the primary students, schools are closed and more importantly there are fewer online quality resources available on the internet.

Logo of Agastya World School

Agastya world school, an international school, founded and run by an IIT graduate with the aim to provide a world-class education to unprivileged students, brings especially to primary class students a list of online courses that are free of course. Students will get a certificate after the successful completion of the course.

The list of online courses are:

  1. Origami – Paper Folding Art Part-1
  2. Origami – Paper Folding Art Part-2
  3. Mathematics Class 1
  4. Mathematics Class 2
  5. Mathematics Class 3
  6. Mathematics Class 4
  7. Mathematics Class 5
  8. Mathematics Class 6
  9. Mathematics Class 7
  10. Hindi for Class 1
  11. Hindi for Class 2
  12. Hindi for Class 3
  13. Hindi for Class 4
  14. Hindi for Class 5
  15. Hindi for Class 6
  16. Hindi for Class 7
  17. Science Class 5
  18. Science Class 6
  19. Science Class 7
  20. Basic English Conversation Level 1
  21. Word Power Basic Level 1
  22. UKG Picture Book

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