Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


For Engineering and Medical Aspirants…

“If you dream to Join the prestigious Medical or Engineering Institute. Foundation-I will help you to make it true! “

The fundamental understanding of the subjects, mainly sciences and mathematics covered in class 10’th and 9’th, is of utmost importance. Most importantly, it is a great help for those who are preparing for medical and engineering entrance tests. Irrespective of any Board Examination, having a good concept of mathematics and science lays a strong foundation for your preparation.

Foundation-I is one of the great ideas of LetsGyan. This is a short course for those 10th class students who are in waiting for their results to get declared or have recently passed.


Let me explain about this course in more detail:

Who will be teaching?

Experts who graduated from premium Engineering and Medical Colleges, such as IITs and NITs will teach you. Other than teaching classes you will get regular counseling.

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What is the duration of this course?

It is a seven weeks course.

How many subjects will be covered?

For engineering aspirants, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry will be covered. For medical aspirants, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics will be covered.

Which topis will be covered in each subject?

Topics that are introduced in class 9 and 10 will be given more importance. The chosen topics are not only familiar to students but also cover a major part of the syllabus of medical and engineering entrance examinations.

Provide us a detailed syllabus that will be covered in this Foundation Course.

  1. Mathematics: 1) Coordinate geometry 2) Trigonometry 3) Sets and Functions, and Limits 4) Statistics and Probability 5) Vectors.
  2. Physics: 1) Kinematics, Force and Laws of motion 2) Charge and Electric Field.
  3. Chemistry: 1) Structure of Atom 2) Classification of elements and periodicity in properties 3) Chemical bonding and molecular structure.
  4. Biology: 1) Biological diversity 2) Human physiology of digestion, respiration and excretion 3) Body fluids and circulation 4) Neural control, co-ordination, and integration.