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The Category LetsDoMaths is all about working on Mathematical queries together. Mathematics is an essential tool that is used in every area. From the necessary work of household to the measurement of celestial bodies in the galaxies. From day-to-day life to the long-term plan. From most certain calculations to predict the forecast. In every aspect, Mathematics is of utmost importance.

LetsGyan provides you the solution related to fundamental to the more significant mathematical problem through text content, video content, mock sample questions, live classes, recording, and through one-to-one discussion. We are always eager to provide you with the best possible solution.

Some Useful commands in CPLEX Python API: A Cheat heet with Example

Before I begin, I want to emphasize that all commands can be found in the IBM ILOG CPLEX documentation. My intent is to summarize commonly used CPLEX Python commands for performing a modeling task and solving mathematical models. For me,… Continue Reading →

JAC (झारखण्ड अकादमिक कौंसिल) बोर्ड क्लास 10th Mathematics सैंपल पेपर सेट 1

JAC Board Class 10th Maths Sample Question Paper Set 1 Mock Test  2023 Class X  Mathematics Set1 Full Marks: 80 Total number of Questions: 30 Time: 3 hrs खंड A:  प्रश्न संख्या 1 से 10 तक प्रत्येक 1 अंक का… Continue Reading →

Commonly asked question: Successive directions of steepest descent are normal to one another

Data science, Machine Learning, or any Mathematical Optimization related technical interviews encounter the most common question on one of the properties of the method of Steepest Descent. It is also called Gradient Descent method. The successive directions of the steepest… Continue Reading →

Column Generation for Cutting Stock Problem

Cutting Stock Problem: A tutorial with example to understand Column generation Column generation is an efficient technique to solve large-sized mathematical programs. It is also called delayed-column generation due to its nature to solve the problem. It is firstly studied… Continue Reading →

Solution to Advanced Engineering Maths: Erwin Kreyszig: Unconstrained Optimization

Basic Concepts : Unconstrained Optimization Advanced Engineering Maths Erwin Kreyszig Read our famous blogs!

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