Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Terms and Conditions

Dear Candidate/Applicant

1. Before submitting your details/query, we hereby inform you that it will be kept for a period no longer than 12 months, only for the length of time required to fulfill the tasks below mentioned.

2. In accordance with the regulations in the Privacy Law of the LetsGyan, we inform you about the purposes and procedures of the processing of your personal data, the context of their disclosure and dissemination, the nature of processed data, and their provision. LetsGyan is the holder of the information processed.

3. LetsGyan will use the data included on your query/interest with the only purpose of filing, evaluating, and selecting the best mentor/match. The data processed by means of automated and non-automated equipment is strictly instrumental aiming at finding (when needed) professional profiles through the check of voluntary applications. In addition, such data will be used according to the law in force.

4. The provided data will not in any way given, at any title, to third parties, neither in India nor abroad, except with the consent of the interested party.

5. At any time, according to the terms and conditions of LetsGyan, the candidate has the right to:* check it for accuracy, addition, or updating;* request the data to be deleted or, for legitimate reasons, to oppose processing the data previously provided;* be informed about the existence of any such data;* be informed about the content and origin of the above-mentioned data.