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Category Operations Research

Operations Research can be broadly defined as the branch of applied Mathematics dedicated to developing and using analytical methods. It helps in solving various complex problems and helps in decision-making.
In this category of LetsGyan, you will find various popular topics and related questions which are applied to various real-life problems. Some problems are:
Mathematical modeling.
Solving difficult optimization problems.
Tools and techniques in operations research to solve difficult real-world optimization problems, those problems that machine learning algorithms face difficulty solving. It is due to unavailable reliable data and the critical, highly accurate solution requirement.

We also like to add many topics in operations research. Such as 1) Linear programs, 2) Integer programs, 3) Non- linear programming, 4) Branch and Bound, 5) Queuing theory 6) Modeling of supply chain problems. 6) Stochastic technique, etc.

Some Useful commands in CPLEX Python API: A Cheat heet with Example

Before I begin, I want to emphasize that all commands can be found in the IBM ILOG CPLEX documentation. My intent is to summarize commonly used CPLEX Python commands for performing a modeling task and solving mathematical models. For me,… Continue Reading →

Commonly asked question: Successive directions of steepest descent are normal to one another

Data science, Machine Learning, or any Mathematical Optimization related technical interviews encounter the most common question on one of the properties of the method of Steepest Descent. It is also called Gradient Descent method. The successive directions of the steepest… Continue Reading →

Column Generation for Cutting Stock Problem

Cutting Stock Problem: A tutorial with example to understand Column generation Column generation is an efficient technique to solve large-sized mathematical programs. It is also called delayed-column generation due to its nature to solve the problem. It is firstly studied… Continue Reading →

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