The World Health Organization (WHO) is the supreme head, as to classify for naming the variations that have been created from the first  COVID-19 infection. Also indeed, we as a whole,know the Delta variation that has caused a sudden and undesirable resurgence of the Covid pandemic during the second wave  of this current year.

Presently, as many as the vast majority of us consider, more or less,have become easy chair disease transmission experts; The Covid  virus transforms drastically, which just serves to broaden the pandemic. However, as we have seen with the reality of the Delta variation, we should be distinctly mindful of these varieties. That is  the prime reason for the revelation of such COVID variations is enormous news internationally when they occur.

What is Omicron and how did it get its name?

Mikron, a variant of “mikros,” means “small,” so it is literally a “small o.”  The Greek alphabet’s l letter, “omega” which means “big”.The name “omicron” forms from  the Greek vowel and the alphabet.


A new variant, B.1.1.529(Omicron) that has the entire world on edge. On November 25, 2021, the first case of the virus was from a rural place in Botswana and later on was identified by the Health Department of South Africa. The World Health Organization declared this mutation as a ;Variant of Concern  in medical terms ;and it was the very next day, the mutation had a name”Omicron” (O. VOC) .It is the fifth variant to receive the designation; the other four are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. So far, almost half of the world is clutched with the new variant.


Omicron lays down its mutations in SA;Such was the case;when news broke that another variation of CoronaVirus had been found in South Africa. Furthermore it was particularly unsettling as this is a new “bend” in the spike protein;Grouping of the Covid may deliver an infection that isn’t just more infectious but ,also lethal than  the Delta variation, however it may likewise be impervious to existing COVID antibodies.Omicron is a colossal breaking news around the world! All things considered, the mark applied to this variation may be a lot of what we will discuss throughout the following in upcoming months.

What Actually is a mutation?? Is it really serious?

A variant is defined as a change in the gene structure of a virus that allows it to survive. So a variant is a virus that has undergone a mutation that causes structural changes.

B1.1.529 has multiple spike mutations, As The World Health Organization stated it in their press releases. WHO categorizes it as VOC, due to its infection rate which is over 30; which means a single infected person could infect 30 people who made contact directly or indirectly with him or her. In fact, it has twice as many as the Delta variant, which is why we refer it to a highly infectious variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In short it means that its transmissible has increased. The vaccine’s efficacy is non-existent. Other diagnostic tools are inoperable. It is not as easy to identify as the previous variants, which means it has the potential to spread in South Africa, and it is not only present in South Africa, but also in Israel and Belgium. We have some few cases reported in Israel and Belgium, prompting the World Health Organization to issue a warning to multiple countries so that they can take precautionary measures.


Omicron represents a new virus lineage with a distinct genetic profile from other variants due to the greater number of mutations present. It carries about 50 mutations , The South African Center for Epidemic Response and Innovation discovered more than 30 mutations in the spike protein, it’s that  part of the virus which sticks to human cells and allows it to enter the immune system of the human body.

The variant has spread quickly in South Africa, where nearly 25% of the adult population is fully immunised. The majority of hospitalizations were among people who had not been immunised.

The Omicron variant is responsible for up to 90% of the 2,818 new COVID-19 cases reported on Friday, Nov. 26. Omicron appears to be hazardous and a lethal spreader than the earlier viruses like Delta or Gamma, and it can still cause infections in people who are well protected or are fully vaccinated.

World is looking for some answers

Is it more contagious? 

Because the virus has been detected in other parts of the world, scientists believe Omicron may be more transmissible.

Is it more infectious?

Is it more dangerous?

Covid now What’s Next?? Is this how the world changes??21st century : A U turn for Humanity??

The “New Normals” we scope on the Horizon 

Public Health, Redefined: Sanitation, Hygiene, Outreach programs, and Awareness Campaigns are the pillars that define public health in the 21th century. But all of these efforts still seems a broad brush — their effectiveness relies on statistical models, better data analytics and primly on personal health-related determinants that interrelate and abridge risk to infectious disease; That’s when things would start to change ;public health of our nation becomes much more precise in this due course of action. Supply Chain, Redefined: Access to pivotal oxygen and other sparse medical supplies should be strictly restrained to concerned hands.

Omicron Safety
Pic Source: Shots-Less-Effective-Against-Omicron/30-11-2021-413338/

The entire supply chain line should be secured from the root to node. In the interim; The Paramilitary forces should be deployed as the securing medium.

Skip the bureaucracy & red-tape using an emergency declaration.Make a move to migrate to a computerized system where you can quickly find out who needs what n when.A queuing system, which will prioritize the supply of resources based on the extremity of a patient. Just Mass Production of software engineers on bench; doing nothing;its not worth it — Make Them Go Live.