Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Sarees

Paithani saree
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Indian traditional clothes are a major part of Indian culture. They are worn on special occasions and ceremonies. The most famous Indian traditional clothes are Sarees, Kurtas and Churidars.

The traditional Indian women dress is saree. The saree is a piece of cloth that can be draped in different styles and worn with or without a blouse. It is usually made of silk, cotton, or synthetic fabric and comes in various colors and designs.

The origin of the word “sari” has been traced to Sanskrit, which means “to wear”. It was traditionally worn by women on special occasions such as weddings and religious festivals, but it has now become a daily wear for many women in India. The sari also has been adopted by women in other parts of South Asia such as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, where it became known as shaari or sadi respectively

Types and Saris

Banarasi Sari

A Banarasi sari is a type of sari made in Banaras, India. It is a regional style of sari that is worn by Hindu women in the Indian subcontinent.

The term “Banarasi” refers to the city of Banaras, and “sari” means garment. The fabric used for the sari is silk or a silk blend and it is usually hand-woven.

Different Types of Sarees: Benarsi Saree
Benarsi Saree

The traditional Banarasi Saree has six parts: palla (long skirt), choli (upper bodice with short sleeves), ghagra (lower skirt), dupatta, gajra and kamarbandh.

Gujarati Saree

Gujarati sarees are a traditional attire for women of Gujarat. The sari is draped around the body in various styles, and is usually worn with a petticoat.

The Gujarati Saree is typically heavy, with a weight of about 2.5 to 3 kilograms, and made from silk or cotton. It is traditionally worn in the day time and at weddings and other special occasions at night.

Bengali Saree

Bengali sarees are traditionally made up of cotton or silk and are usually six yards long.

The traditional Bengali saree is wrapped around the waist and draped over one shoulder, with a piece of fabric called the pallu that hangs down to cover the chest.

Kanchipuram Silk Sari

Kanchipuram silk saris are handwoven with pure gold and silver threads, which are then dyed to produce different colors such as red, pink and green.

The weaving style of Kanchipuram Sarees is very similar to that of the Banarasi Saris with their heavy embroidery done with gold and silver threads.

Different Types of Sarees: Kanchipuram Saree
Kanchipuram Saree

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are believed to be more durable than other silks because they can be washed without any fear of damage or shrinkage.

It takes about six months for one person to weave one Kanchi silk saree using two shutt.

Kerala Palampur Silk Saris

 This is a traditional Indian dress that is made of pure silk and has a gold border. The dress is traditionally worn by women in India. The Kerala Palampur Silk Sari, also known as the “Kerala Silk Saree” or “Kerala Saris”, is a traditional Indian dress, which features a gold border and is made of pure silk. The sari was traditionally worn by women in India, but it has now become popular among people from other countries as well because of its beauty and elegance.

How To Style A Sari

The sari is wrapped around the waist and then draped over the shoulder. The end of the cloth can be adjusted to cover the head and upper body, but it can also be left open as a shawl. The end of the sari can also be tucked between your legs and then pulled up to create an extra layer of clothing if needed. A woman wearing a sari has her right side covered while her left side remains exposed.