Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Positive memories in Covid 19

We indeed learn more in a crisis than in comfort.
Lockdown is an emergency protocol executed by the government. It is a situation in which people cannot enter or exit in a specific area. It is a security measure to protect people from the pandemic. So in this, we all should have to stay at home. People have different opinions on lockdown. Some people want to go outside, some want to stay at home connected to the people through their mobiles, some are spending time watching their favorite TV shows, listening to music, learning something new, workout, etc. And some people are worried about the spreading of the virus. I have taken this as a chance to do things I have not had time for.
I even made a to-do list to keep me motivated. Then I started with my favorite hobby of reading novels. I read a lot of novels online and offline also, and learned a lot from them. I was fond of drawing from my school time, so I also did some drawings. I have been incorporating yoga and
running. Getting immersed in my passion and keeping busy during lockdown has been integral to keeping my sanity and reducing my anxiety.
It is said that “Every Horrible Situation Offers a Lesson to Grow from”.
This lockdown has taught me a lot. I learned at home by watching everyone, feeling respect for doctors, police, cleanliness workers, to respect nature and the most important thing to live with
less. The lockdown has brought sweet memories. The best memories during the lockdown period are the time that I spent with myself and my family. In today’s busy schedule we are so busy with
our work that we do not spend time with ourselves and our family. This period has allowed us to make beautiful memories with one’s family. I give time to my hobbies, play indoor games with my cousins, watch mythological shows with all family members, remember all that is
good or bad, laugh at my childhood mischief and share my childhood memories with my cousins.

Silent but Peaceful and Beautiful!

The best thing, I have identified what l want from my life, what I want to do. This time has
given me my dream. The real goal of my life which I want to fulfill in any case.
I realized God has given us a magnificent opportunity to be with our family- he wants us to realize the importance of the lives he has given us. He wants to make us realize that relations are more important than gadgets.
COVID- 19 has forced us into a lockdown keep apart from each other. But it has forced us to stop and slow down to reevaluate the way the world works or rather how it doesn’t. I realized, sometimes we must enjoy at home instead of going outside to play with friends and spend time with family members. I feel that lockdown is an opportunity to try new things I didn’t
have time to do before. When lockdown will be over. I’ll be more grateful for what I enjoyed.

I am thankful to God that I am healthy and fit and doing well in the family.
Lastly, I only want to say “THERE IS ALWAYS A BRIGHT SIDE”

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By Kritika