When it comes to comparing the regular normal car with the advanced features of luxury car; The buyers have a variety of options to select from. You can choose from a variety models, but you also get to choose between a luxury model and a standard model. Budget and the lifestyle are the two socio-economic factors when buying a four-wheeler. Major classification between the cold and classy aren’t always obvious, but there are some significant differences that distinguish them apart.

High-End Options

Image: High-End Options
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Amenities are the pillars of the luxury. If you want the best and most comfortable features in your car, always go for the luxury section. The premium facilities include cushioning leather seats, premium quality surround sound heated front seats, internet connection climate control, splendid interior design, and LED Headlights are some standard features in most luxury vehicles. While these high-end features can usually be found on standard cars, they are usually more expensive. Elite premium features like seat massagers could be placed as per demand in the highest trim level of the car’s model; Which would then be charged some more dollars.

Many luxury vehicles also include improved technological features like GPS, virtual assistant ,Dolby Sound system, automatic parking bot etc. It is uncommon to find a luxurious wheel without these features.

Safety Features

Image: Safety features in luxury car
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Safety features is something the hotshots consider an important factor. It might appeal confusing that what difference is on a simple safety stuff. The high-end security features are worth a penny. One of the best safety feature is the  blind spot monitoring; There’s a certain point which is the weak point of a four-wheeler and confuses the driver. But a luxurious car like Ferrari Spider, Lexus or any luxury model provides a vision for the blind spot which could guide the driver if a vehicle or any object is approaching towards or going far. A blind modeling system acts as the third eye of the driver. It also alerts by giving an SOS along with high pitch beep. Another useful feature is rear cross traffic alert, which alerts you when a car is passing behind you while in reverse.

A crash alert system with auto AVS braking, which is a premium feature on a luxury car, is one of the proven lifesaving options. This system uses a motion sensor camera to detect the velocity of the vehicles ahead and alerts the distance and time to approach it. The auto AVS comes to play here as I automatically stops the car, which eliminates the critical upcoming havoc.

Standard Price

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Another distinction between luxury and standard vehicles is the price. The cost to the luxury adds on with time thus the brand’s we acknowledge now ,were below standard vehicles back then. But luxurious cars are obviously more valuable due to the comforts that they provide happily to the customers, and everyone wants the best. The strange fact is that when we compare the lowest model luxury car to the top notch model of a standard simple car, the comforts or the price range is somewhat equivalent. The luring power is the smoothness of the car which drives everyone to them.

Resale value

Image: Key of a car
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Special class vehicle’s blue book values are higher than regular ones. The luxury vehicle will most likely have a higher resale value than a more standard model. Not only will the high-end vehicles have a higher value, but they will also be more well-known and sell faster than standard vehicles. To be honest, many people aspire to own a luxury vehicle rather than a standard vehicle.

Seat Massager

Image: seat massager
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Having a warm and soothed back is more than just a matter of comfort. It implies that the vehicle you paid for should provide luxury and comfort. Seat warmers and massagers are available in luxury vehicles to help you stay fresh and active during long drives. Seat Massagers play an important role in keeping passengers and drivers comfortable. This feature is found in luxury vehicles. It creates vibration and warms up the seats, preventing passengers from getting cramps and knots from sitting for too long.

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